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Customized 3D printed prosthetic leg coveR

The ART4LEG cover is shaped into the form of a natural human leg. The unique shape and surface of the cover expresses the lifestyle and character of the person for whom it has been designed. Smooth, patterned, airy and organic designs are used to provide distinctive character and a variety of colours are available for final post-production. The individualized cover is attached to the leg prosthesis in an innovative way using high-powered magnets. These magnets hold the front and back panels tightly together while also making it easy to remove them. The fashionable style and sophisticated functionality of the fairing gives the prosthetic device a brand new dimension.


Custom design



Prosthesis covers ready to customize in size, prosthetic device type and color finishing to meet your style and expectations.




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The custom-made prosthesis fairings are 3D printed from durable plastic on a production series 3D printer. 3D scanning is usually used during the design process. Post-processing is needed to achieve the final look of the cover. The fairings are usually painted.


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